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3.2 choose: Pick license and comment style for boilerplate

The choose command selects a license notice and commenting style for the current working boilerplate. The most common execution of this command is:

$ licensing choose gpl c

This example selects the latest version of the GNU General Public License and the C commenting style. It is equivalent to:

$ licensing choose c
$ licensing choose gplv3+

To perform dual-licensing, more than one license can be selected. For example:

$ licensing choose gpl apache c

When more than one commenting style is given to the choose command, the final commenting style is the one that is selected.

Tab completion will display the available commenting styles and licenses. Alternatively, choose --help will suffice.

Although all of the available licenses are compatible with the GPL, some of them are not recommended. To select one of the unrecommended licenses, the choose command must be called with the --force option.

When choose is executed in the lu-sh shell, the prompt changes to reflect the selected licenses and commenting style.

The --quiet option prevents the final ‘Selected.’ message from appearing.

The choose command requires internet connectivity to download the licenses from the or

3.2.1 Subsequent calls of the choose command

Subsequent calls to the choose command will override previous calls. After the current working boilerplate has been applied to some source files, it is often useful to choose a different commenting style before applying it to another file (e.g. all other aspects of the current working boilerplate are left unchanged except for the commenting style).

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