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3.6 extra: Add some extra text to the boilerplate

The extra command specifies some arbitrary text to be shown before the license notices. Perhaps the copyright holder is an organisation and it is useful to include the actual names of the authors of the file. Or perhaps it is useful to insert some explanatory text describing how the work is dual-licensed.

To specify some extra text, use the extra command like so:

$ licensing extra "Written by Thomas Pynchon <>."

The double quotes are added in this example so that ‘<’ and ‘>’ aren’t treated as redirection symbols by the shell.

As with copyright, top, and project, when the extra command is executed without any arguments, the current extra text is displayed:

$ licensing extra
Written by Thomas Pynchon <>.

Subsequent calls of the extra command override earlier calls.

The --remove option removes the extra text from the current working boilerplate.

To prevent the ‘Added.’ or ‘Removed.’ messages from being displayed, use the --quiet option.