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4.2 png-apply: Write the working boilerplate to .png files

The png-apply command adds the current working boilerplate to one or more .png image files. It is usually used in this fashion:

$ licensing png-apply foo.png
png-apply: foo.png -> Boilerplate applied.

This example applies the current working boilerplate to foo.png.

The commenting style is automatically removed from the current working boilerplate before it is added to a .png file. This means that an uncommented form of the current working boilerplate is copied into the comment section of the PNG file.

This command will fail to operate when a copyright holder or a license have not been specified in the current working boilerplate. It will also fail if the given file is not recognized as a valid PNG file.

By default a backup .bak file is created; to prevent this behaviour use the --no-backup option.

The --quiet option prevents the ‘Boilerplate applied.’ messages from being displayed.

In the PNG file-format, there are named text sections. This command creates a named text section called "Comment" if it does not exist. Otherwise png-apply overwrites an existing one.